Our ENGINEERING combines our engineering expertise with the 60-year consolidated manufacturing experience of the Company.
Through Chemtex, our Engineering Division, we offer full service engineering and technology services, delivering projects for customers in the polyester chain (including PET, polyester fiber and PTA production), renewables and LNG industries.
Our services, which we offer through our subsidiaries in China, India and the United States, include the implementation of the Company’s proprietary technologies, in-house research and development services, technology transfer services, conceptual and feasibility studies, process optimization and debottlenecking, basic and detailed engineering, global strategic sourcing and EPC services.
Chemtex combines our engineering expertise with the 60-year consolidated manufacturing experience of the Company. This distinguishes us from many of our competitors, as chemicals and oil and gas manufacturing companies typically outsource their engineering and EPC activities to third party contractors. We believe that this also represents a competitive advantage for us as it allows us to capitalize on the synergies and cost efficiencies not available to such competitors.
Furthermore, Chemtex ability to implement the Company’s proprietary technology allows this business unit to capitalize on the key high growth segments in its reference markets, particularly the construction of polyester, PTA, E2E and LNG production facilities.
In the LNG market, Chemtex primarily constructs small- to medium-sized LNG production facilities in China.
Chemtex is recognized by many leading global customers as a leader in its field.

We provide services in a variety of industry sectors, including:
  • energy and environmental : we have been awarded 18 LNG projects in China in the last 6 years, which have provided remote locations (such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Northern Shaanxi and Ninxia) with access to clean fuel;
  • polymers and fibers : we have installed over 6 MT of annual PET resin capacity and 9 MMT of annual fiber capacity, representing approximately 25% and 21%, respectively, of the total global installed capacity as of December 31, 2012.

We also work with local partners to provide cost-effective engineering services to our customers.
The world’s largest resin-processing plant is expected to be fully operational by mid-2017, creating up to 250 permanent jobs and manufacturing over a million tons of PET resin a year at Port Corpus Christi.


Valmet and Biochemtex collaborate in developing technology for lignin derived biochemical .
Valmet and Biochemtex will start to cooperate in the field of conversion of lignin into biochemicals.

M&G Chemicals plans to increase the capacity of its Corpus Christi facility.
Opening in the second half of 2016