We manufacture and offer the full range of PET grades.
PET offers characteristics such as transparency, strength, durability, light weight, recyclability and design flexibility. Such technical advantages have enabled it to increasingly replace glass, aluminum, steel cans and paperboard as well as other plastics such as PVC, polyethylene and polystyrene in packaging applications.
We manufacture and offer the full range of PET grades; not all producers are able to match this offering.
This allows us to participate in less competitive specialty grade PET industry segments, such as barrier-grade, PCR-grade and bio-grade PET. We believe we are also able to leverage these technological capabilities to obtain a competitive advantage in commodity segments such as CSD-grade and water-grade PET, in which customers generally have more supply options but for which we are often given priority to act as supplier to our customers that purchase specialty grade PET from us.

We produce PET resin grades suitable for the following end-use applications:
  • CSD-grade
    The standard PET resin formulation used for carbonated soft drinks, which constitutes our highest volume of activity.
  • Water-grade
    The PET resin formulation used for bottling water, which must contain a lower level of acetaldehyde which can affect the taste of the contents.
  • Hot fill-grade
    A heat-resistant PET resin formulation used for applications which are typically hot-filled, including still drinks (such as juice drinks, health and sports drinks, ready-to-drink tea and milk) and custom food (such as edible oils, soy sauce and ketchup).
  • Barrier-grade
    A new PET resin formulation with higher barrier properties which prevents oxygen from penetrating the bottles and/or carbonation (carbon dioxide) from exiting the bottle during the shelf life of the products, used for the packaging of fresh and refrigerated fruit juices, beer and oxygen- and/or carbon dioxide- sensitive drinks and food.
  • Sheet-grade
    A high melting point, temperature-resistant formulation that can be used for manufacturing dual oven-safe trays. We also produce sheet-grade PET resin for film applications, which is a high purity formulation for optic and film applications, as well as certain food packaging applications.
We are currently the market leader in PET product innovation and have developed proprietary technologies for new PET applications, such as barrier-grade PET.
Our proprietary technology for barrier monolayer PET, POLIPROTECTTM , is currently the only technology in the market capable of incorporating all performance-enhancing additives (including barrier-grade polymers) into PET pellets with no need for customer investment in costly new machinery to enhance the barrier properties by adding coatings or multiple layers. This is the only proven fully formulated monolayer barrier resin which has been successfully commercialized in the beer market.
The world’s largest resin-processing plant is expected to be fully operational by mid-2017, creating up to 250 permanent jobs and manufacturing over a million tons of PET resin a year at Port Corpus Christi.


Valmet and Biochemtex collaborate in developing technology for lignin derived biochemical .
Valmet and Biochemtex will start to cooperate in the field of conversion of lignin into biochemicals.

M&G Chemicals plans to increase the capacity of its Corpus Christi facility.
Opening in the second half of 2016