Corpus Christi: the largest PET plant in the world. www.mgcorpuschristi.com
We intend to construct a latest-generation technology PET plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, co-sited and fully integrated with a new PTA plant to be constructed by us at the same site. We expect these plants will begin production in 2017 and reach a nominal capacity of 1,100 kMT/year of PET and 1,300 kMT/year of PTA. The PET plant will be the largest single line in the world, and the PTA plant will be largest single line in the Americas, allowing us to benefit from significant economies of scale and lower production costs. The single-line PET production facility will be co-sited with the PTA production facility, from which we expect to be able to receive PTA by a direct pipe connection. We expect that the PET plant’s co-location with the PTA plant, and the plants’ location in Corpus Christi, will allow us to benefit from lower logistics costs as we will not incur PTA freight costs. In addition, we expect that our requirements for PX, the main raw material for PTA production, will also be sourced locally through arrangements with PX producers, allowing for further savings on freight costs.
The plants will be located on the Gulf of Mexico, and benefit from the Port of Corpus Christi’s status as the fifth largest port in the United States in terms of tonnage. We expect to receive MEG shipments by rail or barge. We expect to ship PET from the Port of Corpus Christi to customers in the United States and Latin America. The Corpus Christi PTA plant will also allow us to be fully integrated with our Altamira PET plant, thereby also reducing production costs at the Altamira location.
United States
The Apple Grove plant in West Virginia produces PET for a number of different applications including water, CSD, hot fill, sheet, film, using two production lines.
The Apple Grove plant is located next to the Ohio River and benefits from reduced shipment costs for raw materials delivered by barge. Nominal capacity: 360,000 T/year.
The Altamira plant produces PET for water, CSD, hot-fill, sheet and film applications and is located in the northeast of Mexico, near the port of Altamira.
The plant is made of 2 production lines. Nominal capacity: 590,000 T/year.
Our Suape plant produces PET for water, CSD and hot-fill applications. The Suape plant, made of one production line, is located near the Suape port in Ipojuca, Pernambuco State in the northeast of Brazil. Nominal capacity: 650,000 T/year.
The world’s largest resin-processing plant is expected to be fully operational by mid-2017, creating up to 250 permanent jobs and manufacturing over a million tons of PET resin a year at Port Corpus Christi.


Valmet and Biochemtex collaborate in developing technology for lignin derived biochemical .
Valmet and Biochemtex will start to cooperate in the field of conversion of lignin into biochemicals.

M&G Chemicals plans to increase the capacity of its Corpus Christi facility.
Opening in the second half of 2016